Keep Silence

When talking to your kids, sometimes silence is your best friend. Everyone wants to fill up the void of silence. It’s hard to resist the temptation to talk.

This is great advice when interviewing anyone or negotiating as well. Don’t break the silence. Let the other person do it.

But it can also help when trying to have deeper conversations with your kids. Avoid trying to overexplain things. Let them give you their thoughts without interruption. When you ask a question, wait for the answer.

Sometimes, you know something is on their heart. They just have to build up the courage to ask. If you keep talking, they may rush back into their shell like a skittish turtle. Be patient. Don’t force it.

Learn to get comfortable with the silence, and eventually, your children will fill it (as long as the TV or a phone or the radio isn’t breaking the silence for them.)

Silence can lead to some of the best conversations. Don’t waste it.

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