The Book Allowance

It’s easier to get your kids to love reading if they love books. Obviously, you should be making use of your local library, using it so much your library cards begin to melt.

But it’s helpful for children to start building a library of their own. to have books of their own. To learn to organize and care for those books.

One thing that has helped us is something called a book allowance. Each month, I will buy them one book of their choice, though I get final approval. It can’t be a sticker book or a LEGO book with a minifig. Beyond that, I’m pretty flexible.

They spend their own money on books, but they usually play it safe. They go for what they know. A book allowance allows them to branch out without risk.

And get them a bookshelf for their room. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. But their books should have a place.

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