Smash the Patriarchy and You Get Tyranny

A rejection of open patriarchy leads to hidden tyranny. It is inevitable.

When the authority of fathers is rejected, it doesn’t eliminate that authority. It flows upward toward the waiting arms of the state.

And the State will rush to fill the void.

This is the welfare apparatus. This is the public education system. This is the militarization of police.

Patriarchy is, above all else, about responsibility and protection. Remove that protection, and those left bare will cry out for the protection offered by something else. They will demand a father and/or husband in some other form.

And the State is a cruel master. Its only true tool is violence. It cannot love. It cannot discipline. It cannot mentor. It can only punish.

And because of that, it will invent new excuses to exercise its judgment. That’s all it knows.

Chesterton once said that

“When you break the big laws, you do not get freedom, you do not even get anarchy. You get the small laws.”

And we have so many small laws. They spread like bacteria, infesting everything from your car to your bedroom to your tongue. Eventually, they will spread to the mind. We will be smothered by them.

You and I both break a Federal law every single day. If they really wanted to nail us for something, they could. And that is part of the point. To keep us uncertain and cautious.

If you break down the fences of patriarchy, which enclosed a wide-open space where good things could run free, you instead get chains and shackles bound to the center. Everyone is huddled together, scared to move, a hunted expression on their faces.

Nothing is free. Nothing is wild. All are in subjection to fear.

When you reject open patriarchy, you do not get freedom.

You get Big Brother.

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