No Longer a Nation of Bastards

Roe v. Wade enshrined into the American culture that all children were bastards. A woman had an imagined right to choose whether her baby would live, and the father had no say. This mean, from the moment of conception, that baby was fatherless.

This type of cultural assumption weighs on a culture. It disfigures it. Even for healthy families, it hovers over like a dark, spiritual cloud. There is always the question of “what if.” And our culture responded in kind with an epidemic of fatherlessness.

But now Roe v. Wade has been overturned. Thanks be to God. It is a judgment that has been lifted. Injustice is no longer framed as a statute.

This doesn’t make everything perfect, but it does lift the pall that hovered over the entire nation. Now that pall will remain on individual states that desire permissive abortion laws, and it will retreat from states that desire restrictive abortion laws.

The righteous will thrive and the wicked will decay. Blessings will flow one way and curses will flow another.

This is a time to celebrate. For the hearts of the fathers are being encouraged to turn back to their children. May know one be a bastard any longer.

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