Let the Burden Fall on You

Here is one ironclad law of fatherhood: let the burden fall on you. Men were made with big shoulders and so they were made to carry a heavier load.

What do I mean by this?

When there is something unpleasant that needs to be done, you should be the first to start the task. You are the first one to try and take the hill.

If you have extra work to do, don’t punish your family. Get up early to do it, or stay up late. Don’t sacrifice family time.

There might be exceptional emergencies that take you away, but those should truly be exceptional. Not the norm.

It’s better to burn the midnight oil than to let your kids dry up from the lack of attention from their father.

It’s better to get up before the sun rises than to have your kids wonder if they will get to see their father this particular day.

Let the burden fall on you. It’s what you were made for.

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