You Can Teach Them

Do not let anyone make you feel inadequate about your ability to teach your children. Parents have been doing it for thousands of years without the help of a college degree.

Many times other parents feel inadequate themselves and project that onto others. Or they feel guilty about not teaching their kids and so they have sour grapes about other parents doing it well. They treat your success as an accusation.

Or they are a member of the teacher’s union and so their livelihood depends upon you feeling like an imposter. They need you to believe that childhood education should be outsourced to “experts.”

“Experts” who know how to accuse 7-year-olds of white privilege. “Experts” who know how question a 7-year-old’s gender or sexual orientation.

But you can teach your children.

The number one qualification? That you love them. Can you do that?

The number two qualification? That you have some enthusiasm for what you are teaching. If you aren’t excited about learning, they won’t be excited about learning.

What about knowledge? What about experience?

Those are less important than you would think. You can read to them. You can find curriculum, complete with videos and schedules, that guides both you and your children. You can still hire outside help to fill in some gaps.

But don’t ever let someone make you feel inadequate because you don’t have a Master’s Degree in glorified classroom management. They are trying to gatekeep your own children. Do not let them.

Should you learn some teaching techniques? Sure.

Should you learn from others with more experience than you? Absolutely.

But if you listen to the “expert” class, they think this knowledge is only found in a single cathedral, and only the chosen few can gain access.

Don’t believe them.

You can even give your kids a good education in under 2 hours per day.

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