7 Ways to Give Your Household a Mission

Your household needs a mission, and you, as the father, need to provide it.

Households were meant to be productive. Not just places of rest and entertainment.

When we took out productive purposes of households, we took away the heart of the most valuable institution in civilization. The men went to the factories, the children went to school, and the women were told to stay home to oversee something that had suddenly become frivolous.

No wonder the first wave of feminists revolted. And they weren’t wrong in their reasoning.

We removed all of the important work from households and outsourced it.

Part of the reason there is a war against patriarchy, or “father rule,” is that no one sees the point. Fathers have castrated themselves.

But if you want to get something done, you need a structure of authority. You need someone at the top who is responsible.

To begin to fulfill its purpose, your household needs a mission. Something beyond just eating and sleeping.

It is the furnace where new people are forged, people that will live forever. It should give those people important work to do. Work that matters. And everyone in the household should have the expectation that they will work toward that mission.

What are some missions you can give to your household?

  • Homeschool – taking back the education of your children is a great step that invests more importance into what goes on within your house.
  • Farming and Animal Husbandry – if you have land, might as well use it. Even a small garden in your back yard is something productive you can all rally behind.
  • Heavy Involvement at a Local Church – you volunteer, are there every time the doors are open, you visit those who are sick, you help the elderly, etc.
  • Radical Hospitality – commit to having people over, both friends and strangers, neighbors and family. Do it weekly, at least. When done right, it takes a lot of work.
  • Run a Business – it doesn’t have to be big. You can just flip stuff on eBay. Involve your kids in the process, whether that is photography or packing things up to ship. If your wife has an Etsy store, lean into that.
  • Charity or Non-profit – I knew a high school kid who ran a small charity for foster kids and his whole family got involved to help.
  • Real Estate – I know one family who bought fixer-uppers, lived in them for a year or two while bringing them up to date, and then moved on to the next one. Others have owned rental property and their children help with the maintenance.

Be creative. What are your affinities? Where do you already have resources?

This is one way to build a legacy for your children, one that they will care about. Because they helped build it themselves.

For more information on this topic, I recommend Man of the House and The Household and the War for the Cosmos by C.R. Wiley.

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