Don’t Trust Netflix With Your Children

Your discernment is not allowed to take a vacation. As a father, you cannot let down your guard. It is literally part of your job to always be paying attention.

The biggest way a father can abdicate his responsibility is with the entertainment his children consume. We want shortcuts. We want well-laid-out rules so we don’t have to think. We want to stop paying attention for just one freaking second on the day. We would rather not run the risk of investigation.

So anything rated Y7 is ok. Any movie rated PG and under is fine.

But is it?

Short answer: no.

Medium answer: you should not trust Netflix with your children.

Long answer:

Netflix has shows made “just for children” that are high in production values. They know the reason a big portion of their subscribers pay them money is to have cheap babysitters for their children.

The first season of these shows is usually innocuous. Some are great. Netflix knows that parents will probably only watch the first few episodes of a show to see if it’s appropriate. At the most, they will watch the first season.

And so Netflix saves its poison for later.

Let’s look at a couple of Netflix shows.

First, Voltron: Legendary Defender. My kids and I enjoyed this show. I grew up watching the original as a kid, and this re-imagining was great.

Around seasons 4 & 5, however, it is made clear that Shiro, one of the main heroes, is gay. He left a lover back on earth. All of a sudden, everything is re-contextualized. Kids who pretended to be Shiro while playing were suddenly pretending to be a gay character.

This is exactly what they want. And they hope parents do not notice.

The second show is She-ra and the Princesses of Power. I watched this one on my own to see what all of the chatter was about. Sure enough, the first season is innocuous.

In the second season, we learn that a main character has “two dads” and the cast goes to meet them. It made a great point to always emphasize that he had “two dads” for the rest of the show’s run, even when it could have just said “parents.”

Oh, there was also a trans-gender stand-in (though it was a shapeshifting alien, so the line was grey there). There are also almost no normal relationships in the show. Most of the pairings are lesbian.

None of this is clear if you only watch the first season. The show is rated Y7, by the way.

Do not trust Netflix. In fact, you shouldn’t put your trust in any of the media-entertainment complex. They are deliberately trying to corrupt your children and train their affections. They are trying to lull parents into a false sense of security, playing on their natural tendency to abdicate.

Do. Not. Trust.

It is quite a different thing if you intentionally decide to watch something with them in order to talk them through it, to think critically, to question the worldview being presented.

But you should not allow them to just soak this stuff in like a sponge. Have both eyes open. Be prepared.

Companies are beginning to get bolder in their attempts to corrupt. Parents are getting lazier in their defenses. A dangerous combination.

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