Children Need Men to Teach Them

Children need to be taught by men. Not every subject and not all of the time, but they need real men involved in their education.

I don’t mean men with a degree in education looking to join the teacher’s union, coast on a guaranteed salary, and have summers off. Those aren’t men.

I mean men with deep knowledge of a subject. It oozes from their pores.

I mean men with a gravitas that comes from their experience. People are pulled into their orbit.

I mean men who are called to be teachers. Not just anyone can be a teacher. A degree does not make someone a teacher.

Children, especially boys, can spot a phony three miles away. They will only listen to someone they respect.

This is one way you can evaluate a private school.

  • How many men do they have teaching?
  • How long have these men been teaching?
  • Are these men upstanding citizens, respected by other men in the community?
  • Do they have children who respect them?
  • Have they written books on the subjects they teach?

Of course, women can be teachers. They can be great teachers. One of the best teachers I have ever had was an older woman who taught Physics and Calculus. I will never forget her.

But women should not be our children’s only teachers. Education should not be consigned to the feminine.

Do you homeschool? Then you, as the Father, should be directly teaching them something. If you leave it 100% to their mother, you are failing in your responsibility.

Pick something and take control of it. If your wife has been doing all of the teaching and management, she will welcome the help and enjoy the break.

Do you know how to draw? Teach them drawing.

Do you know a foreign language or two? Teach them a foreign language.

Are you passionate about history? Teach them history.

What are you good at? Teach them. Make it part of their daily schedule.

Are you not good at anything? Then start there. Get good at something, and as you learn, teach your children.

At a minimum, you should be reading to them every day. Get a good list of books, and start going through them. If you want your children to heed your voice, they must first hear your voice. A lot.

Need a list to get started? Check out the Memoria Press read-aloud bundles. Pick a few books that look interesting and start.

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