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When Your Kid Can’t Make a Decision

Some kids get overwhelmed with options. They waffle back and forth and always answer with “I don’t know” and get upset as the pressure rises. They just cannot make a decision even if their life depended on it.

One of ours has this issue when deciding what to order off the kid’s menu, what to have for dessert, what to present on during his show and tell, and more.

Kids can get so caught up in the right side of their brain that they wander around and get lost when asked to make a definitive decision. The right side of the brain is geared more toward creative endeavors. The left side is more logical. Most kids spend a lot of time swimming around on the right side of their brain during playtime, which is completely normal.

But it’s terrible for decision-making. Here’s how to shift them back to the left side.

Ask them a few simple math questions. What’s 2+5? What’s 3+2? Anything they know how to answer and anything with a definitive answer. Then after a few math problems, ask them again to make a decision, and they will usually be able to make it immediately.

This can also work for a kid who is too caught up in his or her emotions. Give them something concrete and simple to answer and it acts as an anchor. Something absolute and known.

It really works.

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