Walking Alongside Your Children

So many problems with our children would be solved if we walked alongside them and struggled with them. A lot of the time, we give them tasks without modeling how to do those tasks and then get mad that they don’t figure it out on their own.

But there is a better way.

Use everything as an opportunity to spend more time with them. And when all is said and done, you’ll realize this is just called “parenting.” If we show that we are willing to suffer for something, then our children will be willing to suffer for it, too. They will believe us when we say that it’s important.

Do they keep getting their math problems wrong? Sit down with them while they do it. Work through it with them.

Are they having a problem cleaning their room adequately? Then get down on your knees and help them. Show them how it’s done.

Are they not practicing their soccer or their drawing? Then join them in the task. Go outside and kick the ball around. Grab a piece of paper and do the same practice they are doing.

While our children need to learn to work on their own, they need to be shown how to crawl before we can expect them to walk. And we can fall into the trap of being selfish with our own time. Often, 15 minutes would be enough to set things straight, but we have all kinds of excuses to explain why we can’t spare those 15 minutes.

Eventually, our children will walk on their own. They will need our help less and less. As it should be. But if we haven’t spent time walking alongside them, we’ll have no to be surprised if they take paths we would not have trod.

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