Replace a “No” with a “Yes”

You will be forced to say “no” to your children for various reasons. Or, take away something in discipline. This is a normal part of being a father.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t give them something else. Something else that’s even better than the original thing you took away.

Did you take away their tablet? Go outside and throw the ball with them.

Did they get grounded from TV time? Make it time for ice cream. Pack up the family and go.

Did you say “no” to painting because it was already nighttime and there wouldn’t be enough time for setup and cleanup? Say “yes” to wrestling and piggyback rides.

They can’t watch a movie you think is inappropriate? Water gun fight in the backyard.

Did they get sent to their room? Nothing says you can’t go in there and hang out with them. Tell stories. Play a game. Read to them.

Whenever you say no, try to give them something better.

Try to emulate your heavenly Father.

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