Don’t Like Kids?

It’s normal for a man to be ambivalent toward kids, to not seek out their company or avoid them. In fact, we look with suspicion at childless men who like to spend time around children. And rightly so.

If you don’t like kids, there’s nothing wrong with you. Until I had my own kids, I could never muster up much excitement for other people’s children.

And if you are soon to be a father and your wife is pregnant and you can’t muster up any excitement? That’s normal too. Your wife bonds with the baby much sooner than you do. She’s knitting it from scratch, after all.

As soon as you hold your new baby, you’ll have plenty of love and affection and excitement. You’ll have so much of that stuff that you’ll feel like you could explode and leave pieces of your heart gooping down the wall.

Don’t like kids? Don’t use it as an excuse not to have kids.

And if you don’t feel a bond with your child who is still in the womb, try to at least pretend, for your wife’s sake. Treat her with the honor due to a woman giving up her body for new life.

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